BESTIA INCOGNITA. Author’s Book, framed. 40×40 cm. Series of silkscreen prints on glass and copper, with author’s technique and acid etching. 2016.

Part of the “Bestia Incognita” art project, including silkscreen prints, autor’s book, installations, video art.

The medieval Europe and ancient Russia. What is general between them?
Same time period but such a different social pattern…
Maybe the answer is that somewhere near our terrestrial world existed another one, inhabited with fairytale creatures? Semi-fishes, semi-beasts, semi-birds, headless monsters and big-eared dwarfs.
Let’s look narrowly: Rusalka, Sirin Bird, Oboroten’, Zmey-Gorinich in ancient Russian tales adjoin Sirène, L’Alkonost, Loup-garou, La Tarasque, Diable  – in Medieval France, hundreds of miles away…
Nobody ever saw them, but the legends go by word of mouth from generation to generation. Beyond understanding the plots, born in different traditions, spread over immense territories. Verses, poems, folk-tales, songs are dedicated to them. As well as art works, illustrations and architectural elements. Just compare at the image of  Sirène medieval sculpture (collégiale de Candes-Saint-Martin)
and the wood carved Mermaid on the old log cabin house in Novgorod, Russia.
Handicraftsmen and artists for ages create the images of unseen fantastic characters, with no doubt that they are real.
My art-project objective is to analyze the significant role of mythological images in spiritual life of people and visual comparison of non-existent folk creatures in France and Russia.