INSTALLATION “SAINT-LENINGRAD”. Silkscreenprint on glass 60×80 cm, the collection of vintage plastic revolutionary soldiers, 1969 (so called “The Budennovtsy”)

Presented at the exhibition “100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE” ERARTA Museum, ST. PETERSBURG, 2017.
Strictly speaking, the October Revolution itself is not the focus of “100 Years of Solitude” exhibition. The project deals with the long-term consequences of the revolution, such as civilizational isolation of the society that was attempting to build socialism in a country that was almost constantly under sanctions. The exhibition tells about the communist myths and reality, about the victims of the historical process, about human values and quiet joys of the era of stagnation, about the archeology of the Soviet everyday life, and about forgetting the past. The history is shrouded in the fog of amnesia and mythmaking. In part, “100 Years of Solitude” exhibition reflects timeless, unrelated to any anniversary, status of this subject in modern collective consciousness. The objective of the exhibition is not to evaluate and judge, but to reflect and reminisce.