Ghosts. Landscaping Installation, 2016 (based on photo-project «Ghosts» 2009)

Exhibition «Mistery Garden» (curated by Elizaveta Shagina) in The Museum of Anna Akhmatova in St. Petersburg (Second festival of site-specific art «The Access Point»)

Second festival of site-specific art «The Access Point» has been launched on the 15th of June and will run to the 7th of August. The 2016 edition of the festival covers theatre, cinema and public-art. First festival was held in August-September 2015 and was dedicated to research of St. Petersburg outskirts. Promenade performance in bedroom suburbs, a show in hypermarket, site-based performance at working factory, one-man show in suburbs library – injection of site-specific art to S. Petersburg theatre life was considered that successful, so it was decided to make Festival annual. In two years festival became the most representative festival of site-specific art in Russia. Main aim of the festival is to develop experiment in many areas – audio-visual art, street art, cinema but the central focus is on experimental theatre art. Modern Russian theatre has great potential and its ideas and methodics should be installed into city space: that is the best way of using city reality and at the same time of changing that reality. This year Festival extends its boundaries and gives two additional programs: cinema and public-art. In the frameworks of cinema program series of open-air show will be presented. Public-art program will present new works of artists from St. Petersburg, Moscow, France and Germany – artists will conquer parks and trade centers, shopping malls and streets of St. Petersburg.