THE CONNECTION, installation, 2015

How much time do we need, to let the pages of work diary, typical soviet book, can be shown in the museum like a precious piece of our past? Obviously, it takes epoch. USSR no longer exists, but the evidence of this quiet life of its inhabitants, can be occasionally found, as rotting leaves under the snow. These notes, streamers, now useless things and other traces of the soviet past, now become the main material of Moscow Conceptualism. Continuing tradition of saving in the museums anonymous labor feats, Nadezhda Anfalova exposes pages of the work diary of the telegraphist woman and a photo of the window where these entries were made. They remained at her nowadays neglected place by chance – in Munozero village of Murmansk region, which in the eighties of the past century was almost inaccessible. Even now it is possible to get there only in dry summer period by off-road car, but it is also will be a task. Some houses stand in a taiga forest surrounded by marshes. As far as we can assume, the duties of this telegraphist woman included communications and fire control. Every day she wrote down few words: communication is normal and there is no fire. These news were reported to her by other people. Neither communication, nor storms or fire didn’t affect her endless existence at this God forsaken village. It is good that communication is normal and there is no fire, but, in fact, she doesn’t care… The art project require a dark room with confined space, where exist and interact two “characters”: words from a diary, projected on walls, and photo of the window she was sitting by day by day. It is her window to nowhere, her dump dialogue with invisible world filled with events happened somewhere, but not here. This is her work but after work it remains the same. Behind this window there is nothing interesting to her – just grass and trees… Message to a man here is simple: the past is gone beyond retrieve with no connection – and when it finally burns down completely, we never know.

01_Вариант экспозиции-1 02_Дом-2 03_Дневник_1_инверсия 04_Дневник_2_инверсия 05_Дневник_3_инверсия